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A merchant cash advance can be used for virtually any business need. National Merchants Cap is here to relieve your financial stress, no matter the situation, to help your small business thrive. It’s up to you how you use your capital funding.

Still not sure how a merchant cash advance could help your business? Here are some options that our customers have gone with in the past.

We know that making money costs money. That’s why a small business cash advance from NMC can be used to cover your inventory funding needs. You won’t have to stress about not having the cash flow you need to meet client demands, or to pay suppliers right away. Merchant cash advances are perfect for seasonal inventory purchases, routine re-stocking, and items that are in high demand.

In any business, it is important to have the proper equipment or tools to succeed. Many of our customers have used their NMC small business funding as an alternative to messy bank loans or equipment leasing. Whether you are a restaurant, medical facility, construction company, or any other business, equipment financing through NMC is a secure option that will make your business boom.

Trying to expand your business or open up a new location? Our expansion capital programs give you much more room to grow. Deposits, down payments, licenses, utilities, advertising, new hires—you name it, we’re here to help your business reach the size you want it to be.

Have you been putting off renovations or redecorating for way too long? Do you desperately need to upgrade your technology and utilities to help your business run more efficiently? Capital funding through NMC is here to make it happen for you. Through our programs, you can make the improvements you need to make your future brighter.

It is important to get your name out there in order to bring business in. With a merchant cash advance, you can use your small business funding for any of your marketing or advertising needs.

And much, much more!

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