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Established in 2011, National Merchants Capital is one the nation’s leading merchant cash advance providers for small to medium sized businesses. The management team at NMC has many years of combined experience working with small business owners. When you work with NMC, you receive much more than just a financial transaction. You join a network run by business professionals who genuinely want to improve the future of your business. We only succeed when you succeed. We are here to help your business come back bigger and stronger than before. NMC understands the financial obstacles encountered during a turbulent economy and are able to assist with fair, flexible terms suited for your individual needs.


Our mission is to help small to mid-sized businesses thrive in today’s economy by providing them with the working capital and advice that they need to stay in business and access their highest potential.

We believe in American small businesses. They are the backbone of our country, and often do not get the recognition and resources they deserve. Through our experiences and success, we are able to provide small businesses with the assistance they need to grow and flourish.

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